The best theme hotels in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is famous for gambling as well as for its daring and monumental themed hotels, overnight accommodations inspired by a precise theme, such as a historic setting, an ancient civilization or a famous city. Any stay in Las Vegas isn’t real without a walk in, at least, one of these colossal hotels. This article is devoted to this type of hotel that, more than any other, contributes to the creation of the bizarre skyline of Las Vegas Strip, the most famous street in the city.


Luxor is one of the largest hotels in the United States, with over 4,000 rooms housed inside the pyramid. The hotel is built inside a large pyramid, with lots of Sphinx and Egyptian-style buildings that help to rebuild the atmosphere. From the tip of this futuristic structure, every night, a show of neon lights spreads throughout the Strip.


Did you know that Manhattan skyscrapers are also in the Nevada desert? The New York New York hotel, the Las Vegas building, reproduces the theme of the famous American city. It stands out with its skyline on the Strip, replicating the Brooklyn Bridge (300 feet long) and the Statue of Liberty (150 feet high). Among the twelve reconstructed skyscrapers on the façade of the hotel, it is a rolling coaster (“skyscraper roller coaster”) on which you can make a great run.


In Las Vegas you can even find a medieval castle. The Excalibur was built in 1990 and is considered one of the most beautiful hotels in the world. It is a theme hotel inspired by King Arthur and the Middle Ages in general, it has 4,008 rooms, 9,290 square meters of casinos and restaurants with evocative names like “Roundtbale Buffet” or “The Steakhouse of Camelot“.


The Venetian is the largest  5 star hotel of the world. Built in 1999, it recreates exactly Venice. Outside, St. Mark’s Square, the famous bell tower and the Rialto Bridge are rebuilt. Inside the squares, bridges and gondola-grooved canals, with costume gondoliers wandering tourists singing Italian songs, just like in the real lagoon town.


Theme hotels are the attempts made by Las Vegas millionaire entrepreneurs to relive their visitors from the distant past or the landscapes of distant places: in which of these environment reconstructions would you like to immerse yourself?

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